Rheem Professional Series Electric Water Heater Review and Price

The Rheem Professional Series electric water heaters offer upgraded quality and a range of models to fit most applications. These models are backed by an 8-year warranty that can be extended to 12 years. The EverKleen self-cleaning device reduces the build-up of sediment, extending the life of the heating element and tank significantly. The glass lining in the tank also produces greater durability and longevity.

This Rheem Professional Series electric water heater review will help you decide if this is the best unit for your needs. It is built for residential and light commercial use. See our growing list of electric water heater reviews for similar models you may want to compare with this one.

Sizes and Models for the Rheem Professional Series Electric Water Heater

There are 10 different models in 3 profiles, so you can select one that fits your space most effectively.

Profile                  Capacity              Model                  Energy Factor

TALL                     40                          RHE PRO40-2                     .95

40                          RHEH PRO40-2                  .92

50                          RHE PRO52-2                     .95

65                          RHE PRO66-2                     .92

80                          RHE PRO80-2                     .92

MED                  30                          RHEM PRO30-2                 .93

50                          RHEM PRO52-2                 .93

SHORT                30                          RHES PRO30-2                   .93

38                          RHES PRO40-2                   .92

47                          RHES PRO50-2                   .91

Top Features of the Rheem Professional Series Electric Water Heater

Here’s an overview you can use to quickly find the features you’re looking for in your next water heater. It’s a good source for comparing models head to head as well.

Energy Factor: .91-.95; Not Energy Star rated.

Glass Lined Tank: Yes, the Rheemglas tank lining.

Brass or Plastic Drain Valve: Brass

Anti-Scale: EverKleen self-cleaning technology.

Digital Display: No

Warranty: 8 years on the tank and parts; 12-year extended warranty available.

Dimensions: 30”-59 1/4″ tall; 17 3/4″-26 1/4″ diameter; 80-160lbs.

Other Features: Stainless steel lower heating element; High-grade anode rod; Temperature and pressure relief valve; Isolated tank design slows transfer heat loss; Easy installation with integrated junction box; Over-temp protection prevents damage from overheating; May qualify for utility incentive programs where you live.

Rheem Professional Series Electric Water Heater Price

Here are current average electric hot water prices for the most popular models in this series. Prices vary among sellers, and the best prices are found online.

30 gallon Rheem Professional RHES PRO30-2 electric water heater: $ 400

38 gallon Rheem Professional RHES PRO40-2 electric water heater: $ 480

40 gallon Rheem Professional RHE PRO40-2 electric water heater: $540

50 gallon Rheem Professional RHE PRO52-2 electric water heater: $600

65 gallon Rheem Professional RHE PRO66-2 electric water heater: $790

80 gallon Rheem Professional RHE PRO80-2 electric water heater: $980

Should You Consider this Water Heater?

This is a high-grade water heater with the quality to be a work horse in your home or light commercial setting. For an electric model that should give you 12-15 years of reliable service, and possibly more, the Rheem Professional Series electric water heaters should meet your expectations.

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