AO Smith Solar Water Heater Price List

AO Smith makes leading-edge solar products that can greatly reduce energy use and costs in your home. This AO Smith Cirrex Solar water heater price list gives you accurate, current pricing for the system and components. Our goal is to help you evaluate this system and decide if they might be right for your home. You might also want to see our article on solar water heaters for a detailed look at how they work.

AO Smith Cirrex System Components

The basic system consists of 1-3 roof panels, pipe to carry the heating fluid and a storage tank that is equipped with an electric heating element to assist with the production of hot water when necessary.

AO Smith Cirrex Solar Water Heater Complete System Price

You can choose an open-loop system or a closed-loop system. The open loop design works only in warm climates where freezing temperatures are rare. The closed-loop system is suitable for use in any climate.

The entire system kit includes 1 solar panel, often called a collector, a solar tank, pump, controller, sensors and hardware. The pipe or tube is inexpensive and is purchased separately.

AO Smith Cirrex water heating system – Open Loop: $3,100

AO Smith Cirrex water heating system – Closed Loop: $3,700

AO Smith Cirrex SunX Solar Booster Tanks Price

There are 2 models available, a 76-gallon and a 108-gallon. Both are lined with Permaglas Ultra coat glass and insulated with 2-inch non-CFC foam insulation. Each tank contains one 4500 watt 240 volt upper heating element. They are protected by two Coregard magnesium anode rods and are backed by a 6-year tank and parts warranty.

76-gallon AO Smith SunX-80 solar booster tank: $1,075

108-gallon AO Smith SunX-120 solar booster tank: $1,300

AO Smith Cirrex Sun Solar Booster Tanks Price

These tanks are just a slight step down from the SunX models. There is a 65-gallon, an 80-gallon and a 119-gallon tank. The only significant difference is that they contain a single Coregard anode rod instead of 2.

65-gallon AO Smith Sun-65 solar booster tank: $750

80-gallon AO Smith Sun-80 solar booster tank: $840

119- gallon AO Smith Sun-120 solar booster tank: $1,240

AO Smith Cirrex Solar Collectors Price

Collectors come in 3 sizes, 3.5’x7’, 4’x8’ and 4’x10’. You can expect to pay $800-$1,100 per panel.

Is This System Right for You?

If you live where it is clear a high percentage of days, and you plan to live long-term in your current home, then a solar electric water heater is a viable option. They are popular with enthusiasts of eco-friendly design because they dramatically reduce fuel use and costs. For one of the leading solar water heater systems on the market, the AO Smith Cirrex solar water heater should definitely be considered.

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